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  • Donnie Steele posted an update 3 years, 7 months ago

    It occurs to me you will find there’s great divide, an ’us’ and ’them’ scenario, taking place when we mention ’Join Carl Kruse on LinkedIn’. By labeling certain people as ’creative’ were the truth is excluding others. It’s true that that many people tend to be creative than the others, and that we must be very thankful to have that, nevertheless, you that creative people, of all and skills, can be found everywhere. The truth is they’re on all numbers of your company and the sad thing is that more often than not that you do not know they’re there.And since business leaders frequently have a narrow take a look at who the ’creatives’ are actually, they aren’t in a position to fully access the creative potential and wisdom with their organization. I am not sure in regards to you, but I’ve sat in several brainstorming sessions and production meetings and still have been impressed by how many times the meek, mild, quiet part of the corner, who’s not considered the main creative team, is the one who comes up with the killer idea, or adds an absolutely new twist on the conversation. Hence the ’us’ and ’them’ thing basically relies on our check out who an artistic person is. My view is that a creative person is somebody who thinks differently. To get creative is always to create. It could be a new concept, a new product or perhaps a break through. Being creative is all about thinking and doing differently. It’s really down to being unique, seeing the globe from different perspectives, challenging normal looking possibilities.And yes it is valid that by their very nature creative people think and behave differently, they are motivated by different things, which takes a unique list of leadership skills to nurture, direct and manage them. However that shouldn’t exclude the truth that creative people are derived from all levels of an organization, all avenues of life, and industry sectors. So we must broaden our take a look at who they really are where they can be found so we need stop thinking about creative people as those individuals inside the corner with ponytails. Now I’m not saying don’t respect, exclude or sack your creative team, definately not it, as you need them. What I am saying is be mindful about limiting you see it of that’s and is not creative. And when creativity is about finding new possibilities, then ironically, by limiting your look at who ’creative people’ are, you’re in fact limiting your possibilities and consequently not very creative.