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    Television would be pretty boring whenever they were just 90 minutes of scenery and music without the acting. It is the characters within the story that make the real difference. In the same manner, getting together again games and playing out scenes with Lego is not same without some interesting characters to learn with. That is why Lego have come up with their great minifigures series, that provide many different fun characters each with their own personalities to provide the substance for imaginative play. Kids will enjoy thinking about new exciting solutions to incorporate their Lego minifigures to their games, and is also something that will offer them long spaces of time of fun.Lego has long been unique amongst gadgets as it’s only limited by a child’s imagination, but it can often be tough to think up new things to complete, thus, making this the location where the Lego minifig really helps, because each minifig has it’s own skills. It might even be fun to put a minifigure in times that they’re completely alien to, and pretend they need to get out. For instance, you would not are often a leprechaun (from minifigures series 6), or possibly a boxer (minifigures series 5) around the moon – therefore your game finds them there, why don’t you dispatch ”intergalactic girl” from series 6 to help them out. Alternatively when you have minifigures from some of the older series, you may have a spaceman, or possibly a friendly alien that could arrive at the rescue.There are plenty of different possibilities, and combining your minifigures with Lego sets is basically easy. Lego is created in order that every set, and each minifigure, works with the other, so you can combination as much as you desire.The minifigures series 6 minifigs each appear in a sealed mystery bag, therefore it is an actual surprise when you open the bag to find out which one you have. Perhaps you’ll receive the cowboy, or perhaps the demolition dummy. One of several favourites from series 6 is the classic alien, of course, if you have more than one of him you could have your own invasion force to try to obliterate Earth’s defences. Or, if you need to, have you thought to trade the duplicates you will get with friends and then try to collect them. Series 6 comes with a bandit, a genie, a minotaur and a surgeon and others.You will find seven compilation of minifigures to recover, along with minifigures series 5 you will discover and Egyptian queen, that goes well with all the Egyptian Pharaoh from series 2!. Also and evil dwarf (be cautious with him!), a gangster, a gladiator and a fitness professional. These figures each have their particular job to perform, and can fit in well with any sort of game or situation.Minifigure series 4 features the soccer player, as well as a monster, lawn gnome, artist, sailor and punk rocker. You will find that the minifigures from some sets go very well with minifigures business sets. For example in series 1 we had the zombie, along with series 4 there exists a monster. Combine both the, and you may use a monster army to wage war against other minifigures who have to guard against them. You can utilize crazy scientist in series 4 to invent a potion to turn the evil zombies and monsters into normal people!