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anxiety in dogs

Fearfulness and Anxiety in Dogs

Fear or anxiety in dogs is an instinctual feeling of apprehension usually caused by a person, object or circumstance presenting an external threat, whether real or perceived. Your dog’s autonomic nervous system responds by preparing their body to either freeze, fight, or flight. This is considered normal behavior, essential for adaptation and survival; Most of…[Read More]

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Tips To Stop Excessive Dog Barking in Dogs

Barking is a very natural means of communication for dogs; however, excessive barking is a nuisance not only to yourself but to others in your household and to your neighbours. Depending on the situation it can be a signal for loneliness, excitement, the need to go to the bathroom, fear, danger, excessive energy or boredom.…[Read More]

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Stop Puppy Barking — Tips For Preventing Excessive Barking

Tell me, does this describe you?  Excessive barking from your new puppy is driving you nuts.  These barking problems were the last thing you expected from that ball of fluff.  How can you stop puppy barking before you lose your mind? Most Puppy Barking Is To Get Attention Your puppy is scared of being alone. …[Read More]

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A Guide to the Whys and Hows of Puppy Socializing

The importance of socializing a puppy can never be over-emphasised, but what exactly does it mean? And how does one go about it? This article will explain to you what socialization is and how to put it into practice to ensure your dog has few, if any behavioural problems later in life and is able…[Read More]

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Puppy Socialization – Don’t Neglect This Important Part of Training Your Dog

Let’s face it, as a new dog owner, you probably haven’t thought too much about puppy socialization. However, this is a very important part of dog training. Many cases of canine aggression could have been prevented if the dog’s owner had only known how to socialize a puppy. Why Is It So Important To Socialize…[Read More]

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Overview of Training Your Puppy With Patience

You can start training your puppy as early as 8 weeks of age. The earlier you start, the more quickly your puppy will adapt to the approach and soon will begin to respond to your command. When you take on the task of puppy training, keep in mind that puppies are full of energy and…[Read More]

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Simple Puppy Training Tips For The First Month

Puppy training starts as soon as your new puppy arrives at his new home. Before you bring him home look at puppy names and decide what you are callling him. Below is a list of puppy training tips to guide you during the first month of acquiring your pet. Week One: During your puppy’s first…[Read More]

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Dog Obedience Training – Puppy Behavior – 8 – 11 Weeks Old

Puppy Behavior 8 – 11 weeks old. Puppy behavior is important to be able to understand as when a puppy goes through certain stages in its development their behavior will also go through changes. We will look at the stages a puppy goes through between the ages of 8-11 weeks of age and how you…[Read More]

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Chocolate Lab Puppies

Puppy Training and Puppy Play – the Importance of Socialization

Puppy training is often considerably easier than training an adult or adolescent dog. One reason is that the puppy is essentially a “blank slate”, untroubled by past training techniques and other issues. Another more indirect reason is that you are probably more likely to spend more time and have greater patience with your new puppy…[Read More]

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Cute Puppy With Shoe

5 Puppy Training Tips for a Better Dog

Who doesn’t love a puppy? They are cute, fluffy, and playful. However, don’t let those innocent puppy eyes fool you – all puppies grow up to be dogs, and puppies growing up without the benefit of puppy training often grow up to be bad dogs. Here are some easy tips for puppy training to make…[Read More]

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