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Stop Puppy Biting

If you are living with a new puppy, there are many things that the two of you need to learn, and one of the most important lessons that your puppy is going to have from you is that it is unacceptable to bite! Dogs, just like humans, are creatures of habit, and if they form…[Read More]

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Puppy Training 101

When and How Do I Train My Puppy? Anyone who has ever had a dog knows that training a new puppy is a challenge, but essential. With any new dog, puppy training starts the day that you bring your new pet home and continues for months as they continue to learn the basics becoming a…[Read More]

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Puppy Training School : Tips To Prepare For The First Class

You have made a good decision to take your puppy to Puppy Training School and here are some tips on how to prepare for the first class. Dress in casual comfortable clothes as you will be totally involved in the training of your puppy and it is not unusual to have to sit on the…[Read More]

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Dog Obedience Training An Important Ingredient Of Puppy Care

Dog obedience is an integral part of dog training and care. It forms the basic factor in puppy care. Dog obedience training is a very general expression, and holds pivotal place in a dog’s behavior. It is very much dependent on the choice of the training techniques made by you or the dog training school…[Read More]

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