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Puppy Care – Steps to Keep Your Dog Healthy

It’s a very exciting day when you first pick up your puppy. It seems obvious that you’ll have to feed her, and give her lots of love – but what else is involved in keeping your puppy healthy? A lot. That’s the simple answer. So lets start from the beginning. You should never take…[Read More]

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Dog with broken leg

A Guide to Pet Insurance

Dogs, just like human beings, are prone to illnesses and injuries. Because of this, it is vital that pet owners do everything that they can in order to keep their pets healthy over the years. While getting your puppy plenty of exercise and buying it high quality food can go a long way in protecting…[Read More]

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A Sick Puppy – Most Common Symptoms To Watch For

Puppies are fragile little things, and can be at risk of injuries and diseases because they don’t yet know the world round them, but also becauase their immune system is not yet strong. Because it is helpless during these critical months, preventing these ailments is largely your responsibility. Therefore, if you want to keep your…[Read More]

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Dog Lying in Grass

Green Puppy Care

If being green is important to you, there are a number of ways that you can care for your puppy in an environmentally responsible way. Here are a couple tips to make you and your pup an eco-friendly duo. Adopt your puppy. Puppy mills are not only cruel, but they are wasteful eco-dumps. Do not…[Read More]

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Raising a Yorkie Puppy

The Yorkshire Terrier, or “Yorkie” breed, originated for hunting and ratting purposes. They were perfect for the job because they are small enough to work themselves into fox holes and badger burrows. Later on, the Yorkie puppy became extremely popular as a companion animal and pet due to its small size, attractive features, and…[Read More]

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Show Your Pet a Tender Loving Puppy Care – Feed Him Organic Puppy Food

Choosing the right puppy food is just one of the hundred ways to show a loving puppy care, however the most important decisions when raising an incredible puppy. Differ from humans, dogs have the tendency to get their complete nutritional intake from just one type of food. Feeding your dog with proper diet can greatly…[Read More]

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Your Puppies Health – How To Make Sure You Take Good Care

Having your own puppy is like taking care of a baby – you must feed him regularly, play with him, give him attention, bathe him, etc. If you forget one important task, then you might be putting your puppy’s health at risk. This sounds ominous for any first-time pet owner, but once you know the…[Read More]

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