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Cute Fluffy Puppy

Quick Guide For New Puppy Owners

Bringing up a puppy is a commitment much like bringing up an infant. Except you could say, an infant eventually matures and takes care of itself. I do not mean to frighten you but to place things into perspective your puppy depends on you from the time you bring him home. He will need you…[Read More]

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A Sick Puppy – Most Common Symptoms To Watch For

Puppies are fragile little things, and can be at risk of injuries and diseases because they don’t yet know the world round them, but also becauase their immune system is not yet strong. Because it is helpless during these critical months, preventing these ailments is largely your responsibility. Therefore, if you want to keep your…[Read More]

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Your Puppies Health – How To Make Sure You Take Good Care

Having your own puppy is like taking care of a baby – you must feed him regularly, play with him, give him attention, bathe him, etc. If you forget one important task, then you might be putting your puppy’s health at risk. This sounds ominous for any first-time pet owner, but once you know the…[Read More]

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