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Stop Puppy Barking — Tips For Preventing Excessive Barking

Tell me, does this describe you?  Excessive barking from your new puppy is driving you nuts.  These barking problems were the last thing you expected from that ball of fluff.  How can you stop puppy barking before you lose your mind? Most Puppy Barking Is To Get Attention Your puppy is scared of being alone. …[Read More]

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Simple Puppy Training Tips For The First Month

Puppy training starts as soon as your new puppy arrives at his new home. Before you bring him home look at puppy names and decide what you are callling him. Below is a list of puppy training tips to guide you during the first month of acquiring your pet. Week One: During your puppy’s first…[Read More]

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Cute Puppy With Shoe

5 Puppy Training Tips for a Better Dog

Who doesn’t love a puppy? They are cute, fluffy, and playful. However, don’t let those innocent puppy eyes fool you – all puppies grow up to be dogs, and puppies growing up without the benefit of puppy training often grow up to be bad dogs. Here are some easy tips for puppy training to make…[Read More]

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